Sinkholes and Crown Holes

BGG Chairman Clive Edmonds talks about the spate of sinkholes and crown holes that occurred during the wet winter weather this year. To listen to this short talk follow this audio link.

Next Event

7 May 2016
Surveying the iron rich streams of Barkham
Booking essential
Contact the membership secretary via Mem Sec giving name and contact details and specifying "iron rich streams" to obtain the full details.
A few years ago members of Berkshire Geoconservation Group and local volunteers surveyed some of the streams around Barkham. Many of these streams are ochreous and provide an interesting and unusual environment. We plan to monitor the area around Barkham again to improve information on where these occur and see if there are any changes.
We will be working in small groups measuring pH, temperature and flow regimes as well as iron content. If you would like to join us please book so that we can ensure there is enough equipment. Please bring a packed lunch.
The aim is to spend parts of the day measuring in the field and some of the time doing testing of water samples in a nearby location. Tea and coffee will be provided.

About us

Chalk MicrographThe Berkshire Geoconservation Group is a volunteer group which works with local authorities, landowners and the general public to safeguard our special landscape for future generations and to promote understanding of its geology and geodiversity.

We designate sites of significance within the county so that these can be conserved and enhanced where appropriate. We also produce a Local Geodiversity Action Plan which identifies actions to be taken over a five year period. Blackwater Gravels This aims to guide the conservation and interpretation of the geological features of Berkshire.

If you are interested in any aspect of geoconservation please consider joining BGG. Even if you do nothing else with the group, by simply becoming a member you will be making a big difference. Membership is free and all members receive news and information about our activities.

Over the year we have a regular programme of walks to areas of geological interest and anyone is most welcome to join us. If you would like to suggest a walk of interest then please do so. We are always happy to give talks to local groups about the geology of the area.

Contact us if you would like more information.