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29 March 2019
Hogmoor Field Dynamic Probe Investigation

We are hiring a dynamic probing rig to investigate the features at Hogmore Field following on from our radar investigation in June 2016.
This rig will percussively drive a sacrificial steel cone into the ground using a mechanised drop hammer. Blow counts are recorded per 100mm of penetration into the ground and the blow count profile can be used to indicate the nature of the ground conditions and soil profile present. We would expect to complete say 5 or 6 probes to 10m depth in the day. The probes can be taken deeper if wanted – around 60m total probing can be done in a day. We are hoping to use an iPad with an app that allows GPS positioning of the probes and the outline of the feature we choose to investigate. We should be able to relate back to the previous investigation works we carried out.

If you'd like to join us please contact us via this booking link to get access details. We plan to gain access to the site to set up the equipment between 08:30 and 09:00, but you could come along at any time to see what we are doing.
A picture of a typical rig can be seen here

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