Become a Local Geological Site Champion

There are 27 Local Geological Sites (LGS) in the county and these have been selected as being of importance to the understanding of Berkshire’s geology. The sites are spread across the county and are of very different types – some are quarries, others buildings or landmarks etc.

We are looking for ‘Site Champions’ who would be willing to check on the condition of these sites on a twice yearly basis so that we have a good record of any changes and can plan for maintenance etc . Some of the sites need this more than others.

If you spare a bit of time over the year to look in at a site and fill in a brief report then we would welcome this.

What do you need to know?

You do not need to be fully conversant with the geological detail. Any opinions are valid. The main description will be available as well as an image of when it was designated. You can then visit and fill in a short form and take some images for monitoring. You may well have some other knowledge eg botany or local information that will help add to the records and that would be good.

When do I need to do it?

There are no specific times that are set for this. We just ask that you do it twice a year. If you want to look more then please do. With some sites it is best to look when the vegetation is low,eg early spring and autumn, but you may find it useful to do a visit in midsummer to get a different feel for the site.

Anything else?

Your opinion is valid and important. If you can’t see the features then no one else will.

For further details including a list of the sites and a location map download the Site Champions document.
To enquire which sites require a champion contact Elaine our membership secretary using the button below.

Email Membership Sec.